Inter School

Quiz Contest

Sony BBC Earth gives you an opportunity to make
Yourself and your school proud and showcase your talent to the world.

we’re excited to launch the Inter school Quiz Competition
for students from Std 5th – Std 9th

Pair up in teams of two (Both students to be from the same school and same team: junior or senior):

Junior Team – 5th Std – 6th Std

Senior Team: 7th Std – 9th Std

step 01

Pair up in teams of two. Any one team member can register by entering his/her details in the registration page.

step 02

While filling in the form, enter the second member’s email id.

A common CODE will be generated and shared with both the team members. First member can enter the CODE to begin the quiz and answer the questions.

Second team member needs to register through the link received on email and mention the common code and begin the quiz to answer the questions.

Both team members will need to take the quiz individually.

step 03

The team that answers majority of the questions right will stand a chance to qualify to the next round.

In case of a tie between two teams, the team that has answered in the least amount of time will qualify.

While the test will be taken by individual team members, the final score will be a total of both the members in the same team.

How to Play

After finishing the quiz your score will be displayed (the second member will see the total team score). Each team can only participate once.